Saint Boniface Fountain

Client HA Hessen Agentur

Project partner Norbert Müggenburg, Philipp Sattler

Team Stefan Bernard, Kerstin Grotewal, Philipp Sattler

Scale 200 m² / 200.000 Euro

Location Am Bonifatiusbrunnen, 60439 Frankfurt am Main

The legend: The treck that carries the corpse of Saint Boniface from Mainz to Frankfurt in 754 sets camp near Frankfurt. The morning after a source springs from this place: the Saint Boniface Fountain. The task: creating a place of prayer and contemplation within the overall design for the Saint Boniface park. A place for believers. But also a quiet point for the park's visitors. The concept: a central, recessed tapping of the spring. Surrounded by steps made of light granite. Contrasting this a railing of dark steel. As a lead to reflecting the fountain. And subtly loaning from the classic Christian format of the tryptych.