Lorsch Abbey

Client Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Hessen, Bad Homburg

Project partner Philipp Sattler, Prof. Johannes Cramer

Team Stefan Bernard, Fabian Lux, Franziska Wünsch

Location Kloster Lorsch, 64653 Lorsch

The Lorsch Abbey. A site, that not least because of its status as world heritage creates high expectations for visitors. Today, fulfilled only by the impressive Carolingian Entrance Hall. The consequence: a discrepancy between expectance and sobering reality. The concept: attempt of an "explanatory architecture". By picking up on the certain parts of knowledge of the historic whole and explaining them by spatial-atmospheric means. With decidedly contemporary materiality. And the aim to communicate the larger historic context of all the parts of the world heritage site at least as a mise-en-scène.