Garden of the Brixen Hofburg

Client Township Brixen

Architecture US2 Architects, Dr. Arch. Elmar Unterhauser

Project partner Philipp Sattler

Team Stefan Bernard, Lea Buracchio, Fabian Lux, Agata Waszczuk

Award Competition 2nd prize

Location Hofburgplatz 2, 39042 Brixen, Italy

The Brixen Hofburg. Once a bishop's palace, today an impressive example of a compact palace ensemble between baroque and renaissance. The task: "reconstituting" a historic grove. The stance: No imitation of what has vanished, but rather a research into the characteristic "essence"; and subsequently its reflection, validation and transfer into a form and design fit to today's requirements. The concept: fruit production and seclusiveness as characteristics of the historic ensemble will be complemented by a communal-social and didactic-pedagogic component (Southern Tyrolean pomiculture). The implementation: within a regular grid of fruit trees "special places" are distributed, each of them enhancing meaningful sites or varieties "with a story to them" through a slightly raised topography.