Bern Federal Palace of Switzerland

Client Federal Office of Buildings and Logistics, Bern

Project partner Philipp Sattler

Team Stefan Bernard, Fabian Lux, Filip Staszkiewicz

Location Bundesplatz 3, 3005 Bern, Switzerland

A towering ensemble of buildings high above the Swiss capital. With an urban side. And a side oriented towards the country. With a breath taking view of the landscape of the Aare river and the panorama of the Alps. Today, however still framed by a heterogeneous, unsorted and outdated landscape design. The concept: repair the balance - harmonizing the open space. But also: present the fa├žade, see the Alps. With designing a homogenous, yet quiet surface. Complementing this: a "skywalk" to enable an uninterrupted and dramatized view of the Federal Palace and the Alpenglow.