• 02.11.2017

    1. Preis Innovationsquartier

    Genau 10 Jahre nach der Fertigstellung des Bonifatiusparks als Initialmaßnahme für den Stadtteil Am Riedberg, freuen wir uns erneut über einen 1. Preis in Frankfurt am Main. Mit dem Projekt "Die Günthersburghöfe" überzeugten wir die Jury im städtebaulichen Ideenwettbewerb gemeinsam mit tobeStADT sowie Kölling und Voigt.

  • June 2017

    Hot off the camera

    The garden of the Spanish-German day-care center El Mundo de los Niños in Berlin-Weißensee has been completed. The photographer Christo Libuda has pleased us with a very special picture series. Many playing children in bright sunshine. details

  • 19. April 2017

    A place in South Tyrol

    SBL was invited to draw up a corporate architecture and a guidance system for the new mobility center in Bressanone in South Tyrol. The result: A lot of fun in the designing process ... and a fourth place!

  • 27. March 2017

    Roofing ceremony Campus Rütli

    Under a beautiful sunshine, project participants and district politicians, among others Dr. Franziska Giffey, Senator Katrin Lompscher and Heinz Buschkowsky, celebrated the completion of the building shell. The excavators for the open spaces also rolled up to the site. details