• 21st December 2016

    O, how joyful!

    The new playgarden of the Inhouse-Kita of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in Berlin-Mitte is almoust completed. We are looking forward to see happy kids faces and more pictures of the project in the new year.

  • December 2016

    Recognition in Ulm

    ... this time for the inner development of Wilhelmsburg. The vision: A city in the fortress. Housing, culture, creative industries and research. The huge courtyard as a meeting place with a new structure and few precise interventions. Plenty of space for existing and new ideas for the recording by the residents and other fortress' users.

  • November 2016

    2nd Prize in Magdeburg

    ... for a Idea competition. Hyparschale, Stadthalle und Albinmüller-Turm enrich the Rotehorninsel with their cultural identites. By using the motto "cultivation of the peculiarities" these identities were elaborated and emphasized.

  • November 2016

    3rd Prize in Ulm

    ...... for the planning competition for the external development of fortress Wilhelmsburg. The concept: respect for the cultural monument and, therefore, the addition of an independent development sculpture as a complement. The jury appreciated the reserved design with minimal intervention in the Glacis forest.